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Special Awards Announcement!!!

Foundation 97 Ltd is thrilled to announce Our Managing Director, Tracey Clarke, has been selected as winner of the Volunteer Award and finalist in the Emerging Leader Award at the 2016 Victorian Disability Awards.

The Foundation was also selected as a finalist in the group category Excellence in Cultural and Social Access Award.

A huge Congratulations to Tracey, Noel, and the Team at Foundation 97.

Winners were announced at an awards ceremony at Federation Square on June 15th, 2016, where some of the Foundation staff were in attendance

Tracey certificate Tracey and officials Tracey and Noel Tracey and Martin


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What our supporters say:-

Foundation 97 Limited is a much needed and worthwhile cause and I am confident it will grow to be a National Foundation.”
Maree Edwards MP, Victorian Labor Opposition
I admire the foundation’s focus on supporting differently abled individuals to live a full life, especially with its focus on helping with participation in sports and other activities that I and most others take for granted.
Lisa Chesters, Federal Member for Parliament
I believe we’re all lucky and fortunate that we have Foundation 97. Noel and Tracey have done a fantastic job with their dedication to the cause. Foundation 97 will change the lives of people like me with a SCI. We should all support Foundation 97 as much as we can.”
Naz Erdem OAM, World Champion Rugby Player and Foundation 97 Ambassador
The Victorian Government applauds the work of Foundation 97 Ltd. I sincerely thank everyone who has made a contribution to this year’s event and congratulate Foundation 97 on the launch of the 2014 ‘Lucky I’m Alive Day’”
Dr Dennis Napthine, Former Victorian Premier
The NDIS aims to support individuals with a disability to exercise the same level of choice and personal control in their lives that is available to other citizens and this ambition is consistent with Foundation 97 Ltd’s goals.”
Dr Dennis Napthine, Former Victorian Premier
It is my absolute pleasure and privilege to be involved in Foundation 97 and in particular Lucky I’m Alive Day. The work all those involved have done in the space of two years is truly phenomenal. Their heartfelt enthusiasm and generosity of spirit is both humbling and inspiring.”
Danni Di Toro, Former World Champion Wheelchair Tennis Player and Foundation 97 Ambassador
Both Noel and Tracey have taken a life changing moment and used it to make a genuine difference in the lives of SCI individuals who, for various reasons, don’t have access to the necessary funds to reintegrate in the community and further enhance their physical and mental well being. While today is all about celebrating life and feeling grateful for all that we have in this moment it’s also about remembering that we all have a role to play in ensuring that those affected by immensely life changing circumstances are not left behind and rendered invisible.”
Danni Di Toro, Former World Champion Wheelchair Tennis Player and Foundation 97 Ambassador